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Living is Life


Ernest Wood




The New Theosophy

Published 1929


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The road to the goal of life is - living. Living is creative work. Creative work

may be mental, emotional or physically material. It may be for oneself or others, which is only another way of saying you may have an audience of one or many.


Some people accept established customs - in dress, manners, business and religion - because this leaves them leisure to think, and saves them from exhaustion of planning new ways and going against the stream of ordinary life.


Some on the contrary accept traditional ways of thinking, because this makes

smooth the path of social intercourse and self-expression in the corner of society to which they happen to belong, and opens the door to the enjoyment of the many pleasures which it contains. but as thinking is for living and living is for undertaking - not mere sensation, except on the surface - both these lack the character and benefit of creative work or real living.


Such people go on for their whole lifetime making the same mistakes, the theorists or spectators losing the corrective of experimental experience and the butterflies losing the corrective of interested thought.


But thought and action combine in creative living, and between these two the emotions become pure and sweet. Creative living awakens more and more the ego, the "I am", so that each moment is full of life and growth. The creative liver may be a

statesman, philanthropist, philosopher, interpreter, scientist, devotee or

artist, with an audience of one or many, with canvas as small as his own skin or

as large as the world, but whatever may be his métier he really lives, while the

imitators, the copyists, the conformists are relatively dead all the time - they

tread the paths of animal, vegetable or mineral life, not that of man. It is

better to be a man painting on a small canvas than a human fungus covering the



The objects or forms which surround us on that road are objects to be lived with. Just as an architect might find himself in a remote South Sea Island, where he would busy himself building beautiful and useful houses with the materials from the palm trees and grasses within his reach, or might find himself in a modern city with steel girders, and electric machines, cement and iron and glass to his hand, and there he would build another kind of house, so each man finds himself among objects with which he can live. The objects do not constitute the life. The living constitutes the life, for life is dynamic. Perhaps it would be better if we talked about "my living", instead of

"my life" for living is life. Life cannot stand still



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