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The main criteria for the inclusion of

links on this site is that they have some

relationship (however tenuous) to Theosophy

and are lightweight, amusing or entertaining




More flexible than a set of rules

Detector vans are not in your area


Neil from the Young Ones

He didn’t look after his desire body


H P Blavatsky, the Legendary Smoker

A story from the days before

cigarettes were bad for us


Thomas Neumark-Jones

The man who went on safari

for H P Blavatsky’s reincarnation

Annie Besant not pleased


Ralph Waldo Emerson

On Reincarnation


Elvis Presley & Theosophy


The Feelgood Lodge’s

Alternative Glossary



“Reincarnationist goes into a Pub”


This joke could just possibly be

used as a sketch at parties


The Gandhi Shoe Story

(selfless compassion, generosity without strings)

What a toff he was



Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

A Science Fiction Classic and a great favourite with Theosophists



The Day the Vicar caught fire

H P Blavatsky survives a shaky start

to move on to great things


Playing Cards with Hoodies.

The Game of Cards

By Anna Kingsford

A story that suggests that your attitude and

expectations influence the hand you are dealt




Pluto isn’t a Planet Anymore



The Haunted Inn

By Anna Kingsford

Complain to management about the weird

goings-on and they tell you it’s room service


Words of Wisdom from

our resident gurus

Mahatma Coat and Swami River


Eliphas Levi’s Profile of Satan

From Stray Thoughts on Death and Satan

Published in the Theosophist 1881





The Phantom Dog

An authentic story by a

Tsarist Russian Army officer


How Buddha Dealt with Abuse

(Most of us don’t find it that easy)


Are The "Arabian Nights" All Fiction?


William Q. Judge


Tell the Story Once

Established Theosophists will of course

recognize immediately that this is an anagram

of the name of a famous Theosophist.

Otherwise, please click the link


Never been a better time

to become vegetarian


Tsar Nicholas II Drops in on The Theosophical Society

This wasn’t last week


Nothing Answers Questions

Like Theosophy Can!



The Ceylon / Sri Lanka Henry Steel Olcott stamp

Issued in 1967 on the 60th anniversary of his death



There’s always been an



Oswoldthwaite’s Mill

and there always will be.

Have you inherited something that isn’t yours?

Are inconvenient family traits, expectations

and traditions part of your current Karmic burden?

You can still put your needs first



Nirvana, Fallen Angel, The Shadows;

Quite a few actually but only a really

sad Theosophist will ever bother to

compile a complete inventory




The Method of the Mystics


Anna Kingsford


A Haunted House Indeed


Anna Kingsford



Dead or Alive

$50,000 Reward + VAT

Schrödinger’s Cat


A Very Short History of Medicine





A Theosophical view of the life of

William Boyd aka Hopalong Cassidy  


Impress your mates (if you have any) at parties with these past life readings


Instant Guide to Black Holes


Does J K Rowling give H P Blavatsky

 at least a mention in the

Harry Potter books?



PhD in Air Guitar

A North Wales Rock Chick is studying for

a doctorate on the air guitar.


An Unlikely Student of Theosophy

Prince Felix Yussupov

 (Reputed murderer of Gregori Rasputin)

Relax! Yussupov was never a Theosophist







Calling up Past Lives

Pluses and Minuses


Cardiff Lodge’s Hike of the Century

May 9th 1931


Cardiff Lodge President

Meets King Edward VIII

November 1936

Something to shout about in November 1936

and keep quiet about a year later


Quantum & Socks

If you are interested in Quantum Theory

and wear socks then this link is for you.

Did Einstein wear socks?

Or is that just an Urban Myth?

Heisenberg may have worn them.




To Crack Pot Friends and Family


Human Stalactites and Stalagmites


Ernest Wood


Living is Life


Ernest Wood


The Ballad of Letting Go


God Created the Mule


The Tape Recorder Saga of 1956


Lone Theosophist Behind

The Iron Curtain 1957



Do we really have a second moon?



Anything to Worry About?


Everytown (London) after 30 years of inconclusive war has dragged Western Civilisation back into the middle ages.


Things to Come (Film 1936)

Based on The Shape of Things to Come

A novel by H G Wells 1933

A world state as the solution

 to mankind's problems?


Man on the Run

Women are Catching Up


More Black Holes out

there than we thought


Bardsey Island / Ynys Enlli

North Wales

Merlin’s Glass Tower &

The Thirteen Treasures

of Britain


Robert Johnson,

 (May 8th 1911–August 16th 1938)

Theosophists will of course note that Robert

was born on White Lotus Day


Robert Johnson.

Did this Legendary Bluesman

really make a pact with the Devil?


Why at a Crossroads?


Annie Besant arrives at Cardiff Central Station


Annie Besant Visits Cardiff



Dick Dastardly

Promotes good with his bad example

Cheats never prosper


Ageless Wisdom

Heavy Metal Band

Eye catching name (for Theosophists) but sadly their

music had absolutely nothing to do with Theosophy.


The Secret Doctrine

This one is a Heavy Metal album by the Swedish

Heavy Metal Band; Morgana Lefay.

Some tracks show a Theosophical influence.


Ganesha Symbolism

Ganesha is the Hindu God

of all Good Enterprises, Science and Skills.


Gazetteer of

Major Indian Languages



A Happening Year

The Theosophical was founded in New York on

November 17th 1875.

What else happened that year?


Haitian Voodoo

A positive religion with

a sinister image


The Akashic Records

It’s all “water under the bridge” but everything you do

makes an imprint on the Space-Time Continuum.


May 8th

Theosophists celebrate the Life of

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky on the anniversary of her death

on May 8th 1891 and this is known as White Lotus Day.

Here is an outline of events that have taken

place on some of the May 8ths of the past


Grandma in Court



Genetics and Evolution

Genetic Engineering

Pluses  & Minuses


Cook an Egg with Your Mobile Phone


Dark Chocolate Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

It has to be Dark Chocolate

& Unfortunately, you only need a very small amount


Sent in by a Cardiff Theosophical Society member



Hey Look!

Some Election Results

There’s no swingometer but here are the results and

breakdown of how Theosophists voted in the

2008 Adyar Theosophical Society Presidential Election.


Candidates in the 2008 Adyar Theosophical Society Presidential

Election; Radha Burnier (International President) &

John Algeo (International Vice President)


Find out how your Theosophy Group voted

Results & Voting Figures for the Adyar Theosophical Society

Presidential Election 2008




Legends of the Anglesey Jedi

Darth Vader and Jedi Knights fight it out in North Wales

as Inter-Galactic Wars spread to Anglesey


Awesome tales from the Anglesey Jedi Church

with plans to establish a colony on the Moon

and an attack on two Anglesey Jedi Knights

by a man posing as Darth Vader. Plus a reaction

by a not pleased Anglesey resident who doesn’t

have a very high opinion of the Jedi Church.




Theosophy Donkey




Feelgood Theosophy


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Dave’s Streetwise Theosophy Boards

The Theosophy Website that

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The Cardiff Theosophical Society Website




The National Wales Theosophy Website


Wales! Wales! Theosophy Wales

The All Wales Guide to

Getting Started in Theosophy


Wales! Wales! Theosophy Wales

The All Wales Guide to

 Getting Started in Theosophy

This is for everybody not just people in Wales


Hey Look!

Theosophy in Cardiff


Theosophy in Wales

The Grand Tour


Cardiff Theosophical Order of Service



Theosophy Avalon

The Theosophy Wales

King Arthur Pages


Cardiff Theosophy Start-Up

A Free Intro to Theosophy


Theosophy Cardiff’s Instant Guide to Theosophy


Cardiff Theosophical Archive


Pages About Wales

General pages about Wales, Welsh History

and The History of Theosophy in Wales


History of the Theosophical Society


History of Theosophy in Wales


Hey Look!

Theosophy in Wales


Theosophy Wales 2008 Changes

A new structure for the

Theosophical Movement in Wales


Theosophy UK


Theosophy Cardiff Burn-Up


High Drama & Worldwide Confusion

as Theosophy Cardiff Separates from the

Welsh Regional Association (formed 1993)


Theosophy Starts Here


Theosophy and the Great War


Theosophy Avalon

The Theosophy Wales

King Arthur Pages


Teosofia en Cardiff (Página en Español)


Teosófia em Cardiff

Webpage no Português


Cardiff Blavatsky Archive

A Theosophy Study Resource


Quick Blasts of Theosophy


The Blavatsky Free State

An independent Theosophical Republic

Worldwide links to FREE online

Theosophy Study Resources.

Courses, Writings, Commentaries,

Forums, Blogs.



Great Theosophists

The Big Names of Theosophy


The South of Heaven Guide

To Theosophy and Devachan


The South of Heaven Guide

To Theosophy and Dreams


The South of Heaven Guide

To Theosophy and Angels


Theosophy and Help From

The Universe



The New Rock ‘n Roll


The Blavatsky Blogger’s

Instant Guide to

Death and the Afterlife


The Most Basic Theosophy

 Website in the Universe

A quick overview of Theosophy 

and the Theosophical Society

If you run a Theosophy Study Group you 

can use this as an introductory handout.





Applied Theosophy

Henry Steel Olcott


Blavatsky Calling and I don’t wanna shout

The Voice of the Silence





Nothing answers Questions

like Theosophy can!

The Key to Theosophy Website


National Wales Theosophy

Karma Pages




No Aardvarks were harmed in the

preparation of this Website

Includes stuff about Marlon Brando, Old cars, 

Odeon Cinema Burnley, Heavy Metal, Wales, 

Cups of Tea, Mrs Trellis of North Wales.




Heavy Metal Overview




Rock ‘n Roll Chronology


Wales! Wales! Theosophy Wales

The All Wales Guide to

Getting Started in Theosophy


The Tooting Broadway

Underground Theosophy Website

The Spiritual Home of Urban Theosophy


The Mornington Crescent

Underground Theosophy Website

The Earth Base for Evolutionary Theosophy


Theosophy in the UK


The Theosophy Cardiff Nirvana Pages


Tekels Park & the Loch Ness Monster

A Satirical view of the sale of Tekels Park

in Camberley, Surrey to a developer


The Toff’s Guide to the Sale of Tekels Park

What the men in top hats have to

say about the sale of Tekels Park

to a developer


Theosophy Tekels Park

Tekels Park, Camberley, Surrey, England GU15 – 2LF

Article describing Tekels Park and its much

cherished wildlife by Theosophist and long

term Tekels Park Resident Madeleine Leslie Smith


The Theosophical Value of

Tekels Park


The Theosophy Cardiff Guide

to Roath Park / Parc Y Rhath




Glastonbury Pages


Chalice Well, Glastonbury.

The Theosophy Cardiff Guide to

Chalice Well, Glastonbury,

Somerset, England


The Theosophy Cardiff Guide to

Glastonbury Abbey


Theosophy Cardiff’s

Glastonbury Abbey Chronology


The Theosophy Cardiff Guide to

Glastonbury Tor


The Labyrinth

The Terraced Maze of Glastonbury Tor


Glastonbury and Joseph of Arimathea




Theosophy Wales Group Start

The Theosophy Wales Guide to

Starting a Theosophy Group

& of course you don’t need to live in Wales

to take advantage of this guide






Elementary Theosophy

An Outstanding Introduction to Theosophy

By a student of Katherine Tingley


Elementary Theosophy  Who is the Man? 


Body and Soul    Body, Soul and Spirit 


Reincarnation  Karma


The Seven in Man and Nature


The Meaning of Death




The Occult World

By Alfred Percy Sinnett


Preface to the American Edition    Introduction


Occultism and its Adepts   


The Theosophical Society


First Occult Experiences  


Teachings of Occult Philosophy


Later Occult Phenomena    Appendix




The Ocean of Theosophy

William Quan Judge


Preface    Theosophy and the Masters    General Principles


The Earth Chain    Body and Astral Body    Kama – Desire


Manas    Of Reincarnation    Reincarnation Continued


Karma    Kama Loka    Devachan    Cycles


Septenary Constitution Of Man


Arguments Supporting Reincarnation


Differentiation Of Species Missing Links


Psychic Laws, Forces, and Phenomena


Psychic Phenomena and Spiritualism




Instant Guide to Theosophy

Quick Explanations with Links to More Detailed Info


What is Theosophy ? Theosophy Defined (More Detail)


Three Fundamental Propositions  Key Concepts of Theosophy


Cosmogenesis  Anthropogenesis  Root Races  Karma


Ascended Masters  After Death States  Reincarnation


The Seven Principles of Man  Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


Colonel Henry Steel Olcott William Quan Judge


The Start of the Theosophical Society Theosophical Society Presidents


History of the Theosophical Society  Glossaries of Theosophical Terms


History of the Theosophical Society in Wales


The Three Objectives of the Theosophical Society


Explanation of the Theosophical Society Emblem




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UK Listing of Theosophical Groups

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Worldwide Directory of Theosophical Links


International Directory of 

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Blog Links




The London Weblog Directory

This site is a directory of weblogs written by

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Pages About Wales

General pages about Wales, Welsh History

and The History of Theosophy in Wales


Wales is a Principality within the United Kingdom

and has an eastern border with England. The land

area is just over 8,000 square miles. Snowdon in

North Wales is the highest mountain at 3,650 feet.

The coastline is almost 750 miles long. The population

of Wales as at the 2001 census is 2,946,200.






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