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Reincarnationist goes into a Pub”



This joke could just possibly be

used as a sketch at parties



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Reincarnationist goes into a pub, orders a pint and says to this bloke “Here, weren’t you at Agincourt?” The bloke replies “Not me mate”.


The conversation then goes like this


Reinc:- Hang on, I know, didn’t we sail with Sir Francis Drake against the Spanish Armada?

Bloke:- I think I’d remember that.


Reinc:- That’s it, we were roundheads at Naseby.

Bloke:- Are you are care in the community case?


Reinc:- What about Waterloo, Napoleon, Wellington and all that.

Bloke:- You’re doing my head.


Reinc:- Does the Charge of the Light Brigade ring a bell?

Bloke:- What are you on? Got any left?


Reinc:- How about Spion Kop? Gallipoli? El Alamein?

Bloke:- Landlord, throw this nutter out.


Reinc:- Well, I’ve definitely met you somewhere before.

Bloke: - I was in here last night.


Reinc:- Oh! That’s where I’ve met you.




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