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Legends of the

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Awesome tales from the Anglesey Jedi Church

with plans to establish a colony on the Moon

and an attack on two Anglesey Jedi Knights

by a man posing as Darth Vader. Plus a reaction

by a not pleased Anglesey resident who doesn’t

have a very high opinion of the Jedi Church.



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Anglesey Jedi Church

Announces Plans

for Moon Colony

March 2008


Holyhead brothers Daniel and Barney Jones

of the UK Church of the Jedi

Holyhead brothers Daniel and Barney Jones of the UK Church of the Jedi


An order of Anglesey Jedi Knights has

begun steps to establish a colony on the moon.



The UK Church of the Jedi, run by brothers Daniel and Barney Jones, of Holyhead, are setting up a micro nation on the moon.

They have bought a plot of land on the moon and the order plan to have a capital city and appoint worthy Jedi to positions such as Head of Galactic Affairs and Country Ambassador.

They are also planning to sell titles of nobility, such as Lord and Lady, to people who wish to join the Galactic Stades of Jediism, which is located in Oceanus Procellarum on the more desirable light side of the moon.

When mankind finally colonises the moon, the order plan to travel their for Jedi training.

Daniel, known as Jedi Master Morda Hehol in the order, said: "We here at the
UK Church of the Jedi are setting up our own micro nation on the moon. This is for our members to belong to our Galactic State and it will be used for training purposes at the church.

"We were able to buy property on the moon from an official moon real estate seller. We have bought one acre of the earth’s moon and have set up a government, constitution and royal family of our sovereign state.

"We are able to set up a nation because the moon is classed as international waters, which means we can set up our own nation legally on it. Our plan is to create a galactic nation so Jedi have a place to live when humans move to the moon and also it will be used in training with the church.

"The nation is called The Galactic States of Jediism, we have our capital city on the moon called
Testa City. We are also going to be selling Baron or Lord titles to the public as well."



Darth Vader Escapes Jail




A man has been given a suspended jail sentence

for attacking Jedi Church members while

posing as Darth Vader.



Arwel Wynn Hughes, 27, from Holyhead, Anglesey, admitted assaulting Barney Jones and cousin Michael with a metal crutch, whilst shouting "Darth Vader". Hughes told police he had no memory of the incident as he was drunk. District Judge Andrew Straw said the publicity his case had received was perhaps a good thing, and a "wake up call" to deal with his alcohol problem.


Diane Williams, prosecuting, said the two cousins had set up a Jedi faith church with around 30 local members in the Holyhead area. On 25 March 2008 they were being filmed fighting with light sabres in a garden in Holyhead when Hughes jumped over a wall. "He was wearing a black bin liner, had a cut to his face and had in his hand a crutch - which he did not need to walk as he was holding it in the air," Ms Williams said.


"He shouted Darth Vader several times before hitting Barney Jones on the back of his head and then he hit Michael Jones to his leg." Hughes then laughed, said he was joking and ran off, she added. Later when arrested by police he told them that he was "extremely drunk" at the time, she said. Barney Jones had suffered a headache after the attack, and Michael Jones a bruised leg.




Mrs Frances Jones defending said her client had a "serious alcohol problem". "He has previously stopped drinking but the rehab he has needed has not been available," Mrs Jones said. "But now a place has become available at Touchstone in Colwyn Bay."


Mrs Jones argued that allowing Hughes to access treatment would help rather than just punish him, as similar treatment was not available in prison. Judge Shaw told Hughes there had been an element of premeditation in the assaults because he had been wearing the bin bag, and had a weapon.


That he would be caught had been "inevitable" the judge added. "Perhaps the publicity surrounding your case has been a good thing, and is the wake-up call you need to deal with your problems," he said.


The judge said despite his "genuine efforts" to change however the attack had been sufficiently serious to warrant a jail sentence. Hughes was sentenced to two months suspended for 12 months, with supervision and residence requirements overseen by the probation service. He was also ordered to pay £100 to each of his two victims and prosecution costs of £60.




Jedi Church is a Travesty



May 2008


I have recently been reading your articles in the newspaper about this travesty that is the "Jedi



I am absolutely appalled at this, poor excuse of publicity that has been shown around the newsworld. After reading the article on BBC news about the attack from "Darth Vader" and watching the video, I have come to the conclusion that this was made as an act of trying to gain publicity.

Not once in the video do we see the Jedi members being assaulted. The camera seems to focus on the floor rather than the attack, in which Barney Jones shows pitiable acting. This is obvious that he is not hurt, his cousin Michael Jones is not even touched by the crutch that "the attacker" is wielding. The Jedi members are not bothered much about the attack in the video, but they seem to come to your newspaper and others, which are greatly respected for local stories in which I personally enjoy reading, with this pathetic excuse of a story.

It is obvious to me, and others around me that this was a publicity stunt, aimed to get more attraction for them to get more members and spread this appalling "religion" throughout the country and more.

This leads on to my next point. Religion? Can these people even comprehend what the meaning of this word is?

It is also insulting that these people can call there place of meeting? and such. A Church? Church means, a place of Christian worship. I am a Christian and so is my wife and family, and to us and I'm sure many others, this is a great outrage to say that they can worship a fictional film, and what is worse, is to call their place of meeting a church.

I think that this kind of publicity is becoming a bad reputation for Holyhead and
North Wales. It is a shame that an up and coming town like Holyhead is turning into a joke because of this ridiculous "religion".

Anglesey Resident

Not a Jedi fan




Mrs Trellis of North Wales

Does she have anything to do with all this?



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