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Plaque at the Iffley Road Track near Oxford

to commemorate Roger Bannisterís 4 minute mile.



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Roger Bannister


On May 6th 1954, Roger Bannister was the first runner to break the 4 minute mile barrier although he didnít do this in an actual race. He was carefully paced by fellow runners Chris Chataway and Chris Brasher.


This was a tremendous achievement and is well documented and the run still gets shown on television. Roger Bannisterís time was

3 minutes 59.4 seconds


Diane Leather


Less well publicized (in fact hardly known about at all) is the breaking 23 days later on May 29th of the 5 minute mile record for women by British runner Diane Leather with a time of 4 minutes 59.6 seconds.




Women are catching up


Look at this;


The current menís world record for the mile is 3 minutes 43.13 seconds, set by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco on July 7, 1999.


The current womenís record is

4 minutes 12.56 seconds by Svetlana Masterkova of Russia, set on August 14, 1996.


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