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Trapped in purgatory

A lifeless object, alive

Awaiting reprisal

Death will be their acquisition

Raining Blood by Slayer from the Album Reign in Blood


A Dweller on the Threshold (past self)

waits on the lowest rung of the Astral Plane

to settle the account of a past life with a

current self which now hopes to make

spiritual progress.

Posted 25/11/07


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A Dweller on the Threshold is the remnant energy  and characteristics of a past life personality left as a discarnate entity on the lowest levels of the Astral Plane.


It is a manifestation of Karmic consequences and presents a bill which will have to be paid. The Dweller really comes in to its own as an obstacle to spiritual progress. In order to make spiritual progress in the current life, this past life personality, which has now re-emerged as a Demon, must be faced and overcome.


To be “Haunted by the Past” in this way indicates that some seriously bad Karma must have been generated in a past incarnation and also that spiritual progress is being made this time round which gives the Dweller something to kick against.


Failure or inability to deal with a Dweller on the Threshold could result in insanity or death.


Clearly this Dweller means business;


Awaiting reprisal

Death will be their acquisition


The Dweller has also lain dormant waiting for the moment to present the Karmic bill


Awaiting the hour of reprisal

Your time slips away


The Dweller also makes it clear that his being is nothing more than the sum total of the negative Karma which created him when he uses the phrase “Creating my Structure” in relation to the havoc he will cause.



The song Raining Blood is from Slayer’s album Reign in Blood, here are the lyrics in full


Raining Blood


Trapped in purgatory

A lifeless object, alive

Awaiting reprisal

Death will be their acquisition


The sky is turning red

Return to power draws near

Fall into me, the sky's crimson tears

Abolish the rules made of stone


Pierced from below, souls of my treacherous past

Betrayed by many, now ornaments dripping above


Awaiting the hour of reprisal

Your time slips away


Raining blood

From a lacerated sky

Bleeding its horror

Creating my structure

Now I shall reign in blood!






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